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Golden Myanmar Airlines (GMA) has successfully been launched as the first public airline company in Myanmar. It was incorporated on 14th September‚ 2012 under the Myanmar Companies Act‚ under mandated from Ministry of Transport and is located as 3rd floor of Saya San Plaza‚ Corner of the New University Avenue Street‚ Bahan Township‚ Yangon‚ Myanmar. 

The company was founded with the directors qualified to contribute authorized share capital of 40 percent‚ while the remaining 60 percent will be contributed by share sold to the public sector in the future. It was established as a Public Company limited to operate as a national airline of Myanmar. The company has also been established with strong financial support from the Co-operative Bank and Tun Foundation Bank‚ which is leading local banking institutions in Myanmar. Yangon and Mandalay both serve as hubs to provide domestic fully services.

Golden Myanmar Airline Public Company Limited also offers airport‚ ground handling‚ technical handling of cargo and other aviation-related services at Mandalay International Airport. The growth of GMA will be supported by a well-qualified management team with strong background knowledge in the aviation industry and excellent leadership skills. The experienced flight operation team is led by a chief pilot with more than 10‚000 hours of flight time and all pilots have trained at CAE training facilities.

Concerning corporate quality assurance‚ all positions at GMA are staffed by high-caliber personnel with vast experience in the airline industry‚ and who are certified according to international Air Transport Association (IATA) and IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) standard practice. Likewise‚ our expert engineers and mechanics are trained in Malaysia and domestically‚ in line with international regulation and practices. The maintenance of the aircraft and the safety of the passengers are further sustained by experienced support staff in engineering services‚ materials and logistics and other positions. 

Our Vision

To be a leading international airline that offers safe‚ reliable and affordable air services.

Our Mission

To fulfill the needs of the Myanmar Aviation market in the fast growing Myanmar Economy.

To set a new standard for air services and professionalism both within the target market region and beyond.

To achieve high load factor and profitability by offering competitive fares and quality service at minimal cost.

Our Vision


Logo Rationale

A distinct mythology revolves around the legendary Hintha Bird Widely depicted in Myanmar's arts‚ the mystical bird has special meaning in monastic philosophy‚ in that it is unsoiled by the illusory nature of the material world.

The Hintha bird also represents perfect union‚ balance and life. It transcends the limitations of the world surrounding it‚ as it can walk on the earth‚ fly in the sky and swim in the water.

The mystique surrounding the Hintha bird markes it the perfect logo of Golden Myanmar Airlines‚ which combines modern design with the tradition and spirit of Myanmar. The elegant‚ highly stylized Hintha icon reflects the dynamism of the airline and Myanmar's aviation industry.

The word " Golden " is also prominently featured in the logo‚ representing the signature brand of the airline. The additional stroke of colour around the Hintha bird signifies a graceful flight towards a new horizon.

The main colour of the icon is‚ of course‚ gold‚ representing success‚ achievement and prestige.


  • C.A.R.E

We are proud of our commitment to

  • quality service
  • efficiency
  • customer satisfaction


We can be trusted to take action for

  • safety concerns
  • customer needs
  • contingencies

We take responsibility for our customers

  • security
  • safety
  • welfare

We strive for excellence in

  • services
  • expertise
  • operations